El Salvador

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                                                                          Fun facts!

Population: 6.2 million

National holiday: 15th of September

Time Zone: GMT -6

Languages Spoke: Spanish, Nahua

Trading Partners: U.S., Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Germany, China

Capital: San Salvador

Its located: Central America

Map of EL Salvador

                                                             Just some places to visit    

The El Impossible is a national park it has some of the trickiest and most demanding hikes.

Punta Roca is a busier place in El Salvador it's a great to stop and rest and it attracts a lot of the surfers, it's mostly a tropical hideaway.

Ruta de las Flores is a road between Sonsonate and Ahuachapan, it's full of wild and are best seen in the dry seasons between October and February, but it's not  just all flowers. It's home to friendly locals, style towns, and to little coffee shops.

People from El Salvador

                                                         Just some Local Expressions

¡que chivo! – awesome! How cool!

cachete – a favor

lana – money

estoy con rispa – I am in a hurry

Food and Drinks!

  One of the drinks that they drink is a milky, rice-based drink flavored with sugar and spices its called Horchata.

Sopa de pata, an El Salvador stew made of plantains, green beans, corn and yuca.... as well as tripe (cow's stomach) and cow's feet.

Geography & Climate

Most of the country is on a fertile volcanic plateau about 2,000 ft (607 m) high. El Salvador is located on the Pacific coast of Central America. Its know to be the smallest central America Country.

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