Top 5 Pregnancy Problems

  • 1. Back pain and swollen muscles

Pregnancy adds weight to a woman’s body. This puts pressure on the spine and legs, often resulting in back pain and swelling around the ankles. One way to counter the discomfort is by getting a pregnancy massage. It isn’t a surprise that many women really appreciate and stand by its benefits, considering the muscle relief it brings. It soothes tired and achy muscles, whether you go for a post natal massage or a prenatal massage. Singapore has many skilled therapists that offer the service so finding one is easy.

  • 2. Breast changes

A woman’s breasts often become fuller as these fill with milk for the baby. The swelling may be a bit painful at some point. Make sure you buy bras in larger sizes. Try the underwear on to make sure the material does not irritate or rub against your nipples as these could be painful. Maternity underwear is also available. This may be ideal, especially if you plan on breast-feeding the baby when it’s born.

  • 3. Fatigue

You might feel tired at all hours of the day. You might even often feel the need to take naps while everybody else is just bustling around, looking and feeling fresh and energized. Don’t fight against the fatigue. If you’re tired, rest. You need it. You’re doing enough work for two. Give your body the energy it needs by sleeping.

  • 4. Dizziness

Hormonal changes are often a factor. To keep these dizzy spells to a minimum, have some handy crackers around. Ginger ale or tea often works wonders to chase the dizzies away. However, if you still find yourself having dizzy spells, the best way to deal with them is to just lie down until the spell passes. Whenever you feel a spell coming on, whether you’re in the kitchen or at work, just find some place where you can lie down for a bit. It’ll pass soon enough and you’ll be able to get back to your chores or work after that.

  • 5. Nausea and Morning Sickness

In some cases, the nausea might also happen all throughout the day or even at night. One way to help you cope is to eat food high in protein and iron. Iron so you won’t be anaemic and have fainting spells. The protein, on the other hand, helps keep you full so you won’t wake up with an empty stomach. Hopefully this will help keep the nausea at bay, or at least down to tolerable levels.