Ella Chillingsburg

This is Ella Chillingsberg. Ella is from Scaryville, California and she is one of the cutest monsters that ever existed. However, there is something very different about Ella that separates her from the rest of the Scaryvillians. Scaryville is a town that is completely black and white. Ella is the only one that exists in color. Everyday she roams around town and takes in all of the love she receives. However, many people are fooled by Ella's cuteness. They end up approaching her to pet her smooth fur and to give her big hugs. Nobody was aware of Ella's power to turn into an ugly green monster every time somebody touched her.

Monster- An imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly and frightening

After somebody touches her, Ella turns into the evil monster Quella, (meaning "kill").  Watch out for Quella because after you touch her she will cast a green curse on you. Once her victims turn green they start to rot inside and eventually die.

Here is a picture of one of Quella's victims.

Here are the remains from one of the rotting bodies.

Quella is very proud of her accomplishments. After her victims die, Quella gathers pictures of them to display on her wall at her house. She is satisfied with her murders and wants to be able to have memories of them to look back upon in the future.

Here are some of Quella's famous killings,

RIP Zac Efron

File:Zac Efron 9, 2012.jpg

1) Zac Efron- Zac was practicing his part in the basketball scene of High School Musical when he was passing the ball to Corbin and Ella got in the way. She was hit with the ball and became enraged. She quickly turned into her green, ugly self and cursed Zac.

RIP Kim Kardashian

2) Kim Kardashian- Kim was walking the streets of California one day when her giant rear end slammed into Ella. She turned into Quella and made another curse killing another innocent person.

RIP Willow Smith

Willow Smith- Willow was working on her new music video when she whipped her hair back and forth too hard hitting Ella in the face. This caused Quella to cast another curse on another famous person.

It is required to take precautions when entering Californina. Ella could be anywhere at any time and she is always watching. Be sure to keep your hands to yourself at all times!

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