LCHS Instructional Newsletter

What a great start to the new school year! Already lots of evidence of great instruction throughout our school. We are also excited to welcome our new teachers Mrs. Watkins, Coach Graham, Coach Hembree, Mr. Hensley, and Mrs. Kimbrough!

Scantron Performance Series

The assessment window for Scantron Perfomance Series (formerly Global Scholar) opened on September 1st . We will be testing all 9th and 10th grade students in Reading and Algebra or Geometry. This assessment will allow us to determine a students current level of performance in the tested areas, monitor growth, and view progress over a period of time.  If you have 9th and 10th grade students, you have access to the test results. Just log on to the link below. If you need log in access, see Mr. Goodwin or myself!

Partnership Principles Revisited

Last year, we began exploring the 7 Partnership Principles highlighted in Jim Knight's book Unmistakeable Impact. Each newsletter, we will focus on one of the principles .

Principle #1: Equality - "People who embrace  the principle of equality see others as having equal value. They listen to everyone with the same care and attention. Partners do not decide FOR each other; they decide together" (Knight, pg.31).The goal is not to win someone over to your point of view, but to find a match between what you have to offer and what the other person can use.

As we begin another year of learning, let's promote the partnership principle of equality in our classrooms as well as our professional learning community.  

Tech Talk

Looking for new apps to increase student engagement or increase productivity? Well this is the place! Throughout the year, I will be gathering these resources for all of us to share. So if you have found a great website or new app, please send it to me so I can add it to our  Tech page!  This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Summer Institute in Sylacauga, Alabama. Here are a few of my new favorites!

Edpuzzle- allows you to add questions and content to video clips. You just upload your video, insert questions, and assign to your students!

Plickers- formative assessment tool designed with high school students in mind! Just print off the graphic response cards, type in your questions, and use your webcam to scan the classroom responses! You get instant feedback!

Baiboard and ScreenChomp- BaiBoard is a collaborative whiteboard where students can work on the same project independently but it updates in real time. Screen Chomp turns your IPad into a interactive whiteboard.

CCRS Practice Standards

In this section, we will highlight some of the CCRS Practice Standards. This month, we will look at the math practice standards. Mathematically proficient students:

(1) Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them -They start by explaining the problem to themselves. They form meaning and develop a plan for a solution. They make connections, monitor and evaluate their progress, and change courses as necessary. They can explain the correspondences between the different concepts and they understand the approaches others use to solve problems.

(2) Model with mathematics-

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