Hobos and Railroads in the 1930's

By: Ashlynn Frank

What led to the hobo lifestyle?

-Hobos were forced off farms and they heard of jobs 100 miles away from where they were at.

-The depression made it hard to work in and hard to find jobs in the 1930s.

- Hobos rode trains to travel to a place so that they could find work

- Many hobos were skilled i various trades

- The hobos would sneak onto trains.

- Sometimes they would find work and settle down at that place

- Hobos liked being on their own.

What is the hobo lifestyle (danger and food)

-Some hobos would exchange art to get food for their family

- Some hobos were in danger when they jumped on the train to go to a different town in search for jobs. Sometimes their leg would get caught in the trains wheel or they would fall out of the boxcar.  

What lead to the decline of the hobo lifestyle?

- They increased travel by cars and trucks

- steam engine trains were replaced by diesel trains


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