with Nutritional Expert Dr. Maureen
& Health Coach Amy Marzluff

Monday, May 19, 2014
Restorative Health Center
585 Office Parkway Suite C
Westerville, OH 43082

Are you tired of not getting answers? Or being told by your doctor that it's "just in your head"? Are you confused with all the conflicting wellness & nutritional information out there? Join us for a candid, safe and relaxed forum where you can ask all your female health questions! Nutritional expert Dr. Passifiume and Health Coach Amy Marzluff will host a non-scripted, completely casual setting for ladies only to help relieve your concerns, dispel myths and answer your toughest questions regarding your body, your health, and your nutrition.

Whether you are just starting to think about having babies, can't lose weight, are having full blown hot flashes, can't sleep at night or are somewhere in between, our bodies can be a total mystery.

Join us Monday, May 19 if you struggle or have questions about:

  • Sluggish thyroid
  • Can't shed the weight
  • Have no energy
  • Can't sleep at night
  • Have low to no sex drive
  • Are having troubles getting pregnant
  • Struggle with depression or anxiety
  • Are miserably going through menopause
  • Having hot flashes?
  • Have crazy cravings
  • Suffer from endometriosis, painful periods, or PCOS
  • Other things?!

This is FREE and All are welcome!

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