Summary and Analysis Project

By: Aaron Maguyon

Emma has been sold along with Joe at the auction

Chapter 6:  United yet separated

In this chapter, the slave auction continues with the highest bid of 1,295 dollars. Emma and Will are at the slave auction as well as the master's children, Sarah and Frances.

Master talks with Mistress Henfield as Emma watches in the distance. Emma is not too pleased as the conversation ends with master shaking Mistress Henfield's hand.

Frances approaches Sarah telling her it's time to go. Sarah asks Emma to tag along, but Frances tells her otherwise. The talk results in Emma finding out she is sold. On the other hand, Master hits Sarah because she did not come to him after Frances was sent to her.

Master commands Will to take Sarah out to the coach bus. Will is not happy at all with with decision to sell Sarah. At the other end of the barn, Mistress Henfield talks to Emma about her job to take care of a little girl on their trip back to Mistress Henfield's plantation.

Emma feels nothing but like a sack of potatoes. She's lost in her words and mind and does not know what to do or feel about this situation.

As Emma and Joe are in line for the coach bus as they see each other. They have a conversation about how they are the closest thing to family. Both are given a silver dollar by Master and are eventually are on their way to Mistress Henfield's plantation.


One who views chapter 6, “The Auctioning of Slaves Continues” from Julius Lester’s novel Day of Tears (DOT) through the historical lens would find that Lester gives a unique perspective on the slave trade by viewing whites and blacks alike as “ having good hearts “.

Viewing chapter 6 through the historical lens makes readers realize how slavery impacted America. Slavery brought the good and bad out of people. There were people who supported slavery and ones who opposed it. The difference between the North and South in this time period of slavery were completely opposite. The North did not mind if slaves were roaming around, as if the South were big fans of slavery. But the some people the South were impacted by slavery that brought out their good hearts. For example in this chapter Mistress Henfield is not other slaves owners but has a better heart and gives slaves more freedom to work as a blacksmith in the city instead of being locked on the plantation.

As one reads on in Julius' novel through the historical lens readers will view slavery and how harsh it was. One excerpt, is the auction of slaves. Slaves like Joe and Emma had to work their way across the Ohio River to make their way to freedom. Slavery had a big impact on the fight to freedom for African Americans.

Readers viewing the perspective in a historical will understand chapter 6 " The Auctioning of Slaves Continues", that slavery brought out good and bad in people, white and black, to help prompt them gain good hearts.

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