Phuket - 3 Must Do Things

Phuket is a city which will surprise you with its different cultures and traditions. On one hand its a popular tourist destination, beaches being its most valuable destination. But on the other it has maintained its characteristic which will sometime surprise you. So you have prepared itinerary for 3 days in Phuket and wonder what else can be added to it? here are some interesting things you can experience:


No matter what anyone else tells you, it’s only human to take an already complex and dangerous sport and wonder – “What if we could make this even MORE extreme.” Scuba diving is too soft for someone as hardcore as you and you're going to make sure everyone knows it. You're going to dive without any breathing apparatus whatsoever, just holding your breath for however long you please and that’s that. But just in case you're a beginner, the RachaYai and Noi Islands are an excellent starting destination for this extreme sport.

Vegetarian Festival

Regardless of how hardcore you think you are, you're an amateur when compared to the participants of this Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Sounds harmless? Well, there are some unique religious aspects to this that might put off your appetite… if you're strong. Off eating, if you're not. Because devotees, in a trancelike state, make undergo a ritual self-impalation. As in, they will literally stuff pins, knives, guns, swords, fruit and more through holes in their mouths and cheeks while in a state of trance. Goth culture has nothing on this. You can watch, but we bet that participation is not on your list of urgent things to do in Phuket.

Medical Tourism

Not that you need further incentive to come to Phuket, but lets just say you needed get some urgent dental done, and you've added up the costs of getting it done at a nearby hospital, and the potential bill gave you a heart attack, and you thought, “I could have TWO vacations to Phuket for how much this is going to cost me”… well, in that case, have a beach vacation in Phuket, and combine it with a half-priced (or less) medical procedure while you're there!