My completed hydraulic system!

Well, I'm finally my hydraulic system and the blue-prints were flawless! Other then some building mistakes it went great! It worked just as explained from the first post. But incased you need a rebrief it works like this: there is a connection of sticks which go together to make squares in a x-like form. At the bottom there are syringes that are connected with tubing. By pushing one it pushes the other one, by bringing it in it brings in the other one. At the bottom of the sticks is one that connect a side of them, that stick is then pushed by the ends of the syringe which is pushed by the water and the other syringe. At the top of the sticks a pad is placed which holds the Item of which the user chooses to lift. And all of this is held together by glue!

And that's all! Thank you for sticking around, bye! *Bill Nye the Science Guy theme*

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