Supply Chain Management And Six Sigma – The Career, the Future, the Industry

The last decade has come with some interesting outcomes for all of us. If you were to believe anything that the past ten years have exhibited for us, you too would say that personal connection and communication are here to stay. While at one point, many social scientists kept on spouting theories about how technology would one day alienate people from one another, reducing the need for human involvement in any form of development, reality has shaped up to be something exactly opposite. Cell phones, internet, and social media – all of these have only brought us closer together. People are now communicating with each other at lightning fast speeds.

Wondering why this is important for you? Allow me to explain.

Enterprises around the globe are now gearing up for this communication revolution. The world is travelling at the speed of a mouse click and if a company isn’t ready for this, their competition sure is! This means that every single part of a company’s chain of functions should be top notch. And this is even more so in the case of Supply Chain Management.

Where once this management function’s scope was limited to just predicting consumer demand and lowering operational costs, it now includes aspects like enhancing the company’s visibility across its supply network, managing dynamic market scenarios more promptly and smartly and of course ensuring customer satisfaction to the highest degree. If a company’s client goes unsatisfied due to its supply chain processes, it stands to lose more reputation that ever before! It also involves the latest development in the field – ensuring minimal impact of the company’s logistical activities on the environment. Smart supply chain management today needs six sigma strategies to address issues like:

  • Saving energy and costs by tweaking the distances that goods travel.
  • Using raw materials that can be proven to be sustainably eco-friendly and good for the future of the Earth.
  • Being on the constant lookout for new and better sources of material that can used for production in a ‘Green’ way.
  • Working with Research and Development to design processes that leave minimal impact on the planet’s health.
  • Making sure that even the packaging of the company’s products addresses environmental concerns and is carried out in a sustainably eco-friendly manner.

Supply Chain Management truly has come a long way from what it used to be at one point of time. Perhaps this is the reason why six sigma certified managers are the one of the most elite breeds of professionals in the market today.

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