Gilbert Humphrey

About Gil

Gilbert Humphrey was born in 1539 Devon, United Kingdom. Gilbert was a English noble man, member  of parliament, explorer, and a Army office. Gilber went to school at Eton and at Oxford he had a very tedious education, so much so later he was inspired to write a paper on the reform of Education. Gilbert explored for Queen Elizabeth who lived in Britain. He sailed from England on September 23, 1578 but he was attacked by Spaniards and returned back to England, he successfully sailed again June 11th 1583 with five ships, one had to return because of leaks but the rest eventually made it to Newfoundland on July 30th  1583. He then started a colony and claimed the land Queen Elizabeth 1st


Gilbert Humphrey explored Queen Elizabeth was lived in England. He sailed from there on September 23 1578, but he was attacked by Spaniards and returned back to England. He successfully sailed again on June 11th 1583 with five ships, though one had to return because of leaks, the other four eventually made it to Newfoundland on July 30th 1583. When he arrived there were 36 various ships already there. But since Gilbert was claiming the land for England the charter was awarded to him by Queen Elizabeth.  Newfoundland became the first English possession in the New World

Gil and the Natives

Under this charter he immediately passed 3 laws: 1. Public worship was established according to the Church of England; 2. Any act contrary to the Queen's ownership of the land was declared to be treasong; and 3. If any person should utter words to the dishonor of her majesty he should lose his ears and have his ships and goods confiscated. With these rules in effect in must be presumed that any contact Gilbert might have had with the natives would have been extremely unfaithful to them.

Other facts

Two weeks after his colony was formed he left to explore the area around Nova Scotia. He started going back to England but his ship 'Squirrel' sank near the Azore Island on September 9th 1583.

Why Gil should be in the hall of fame

Not only did Gilbert have an amazing education he waste a lot of years just trying to explore North America, even though he failed his first time he tried again. He also explored two of our provinces, he also made a colony in Newfoundland, and it might not be the same today if he didn't. He also risked his life for it and he died for exploring.


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