Multiple Alleles: Red Blood Cells

-Multiple alleles involve more than just the two typical alleles you would find in a species.

- Multiple alleles allow for more than two phenotypes depending on their dominance.

- When multiple alleles come into play for a trait, there is a mix of types of dominance patterns that occur.

- Multiple alleles can result in many different traits in a species causing weird rarity like blood type O.
- Multiple alleles are a mix of more than two Genotype.
- The multiple alleles can mix and match so there can be for example: AB, B, A and O.

- Red blood cells contain the alleles A, B and O.

- The multiple alleles for red blood cells allow for different blood types (AB, B, A and O) as listed above.

- Blood type O is the universal donor because the phenotype that the multiple alleles create has no proteins on it and can become A, B, or AB, when put inside someone's body.