LM Online Safety Tips

1. Kids should tell an adult if they are in an uncomfortable situation                                         This means that if you see something wired going on they should tell someone about it.     5. Know where your kids are going (URL)                                                                            Make you kids ask you before you they go to another website, this helps with you kid not getting on bad websites.

6. Don’t open things from people you do not know                                                                 Keep your child for emails if you don't know the person don't look in the email or message.( Imminently delete the contact if they are talking bad )

7. Don’t show obvious signs of where you live, etc.                                                                 Dont tell people where you live that bad and they can steel your stuff.

8. MySpace, and Facebook are NOT secure, even when private                                            Dont put things on websites you don't want other people to see you doing. They can copy and paste your photo and show it to other people

9. Keep the computer in a open area of the house                                                                 So you can see what your child is doing and also so no one can sneak up and get all your information

Lennan Monreal   6th

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