Caroline Warber

Cause of The American Revolution

                                              The French and Indian War

    The French did not get along which the British so they had a very long war.They both claimed the same land for different reasons.The British took over Canada,which the French then lost.The land between the Appalachian Mountains also became Britain's land,not France's anymore.

                                              The Proclamation of 1763

    The Native Americans did not like how the British were moving onto their land,so they attacked they the colonies.After knowing of this Britain passed a law that said the Native Americans would have all the land west of the Appalachian Mountains and colonists could not move there.Most colonists disobeyed the law and kept moving west. they weren't fans of how Britain was controlling the colonies.

                                                The Quartering Act

   Parliament passed a law saying that colonists had to let soldiers live them,and care for them. The  soldiers had to live with them because they were protecting the colonies. The colonists were not happy about this Quartering Act law. The colonists treated the soldiers badly for this.

                                                     The Stamp Act

    Britain needed to pay off their debts, so they passed a law called the Stamp Act.British leaders thought the colonists should help pay for the soldiers in America. The colonists did not like this law so they protested against it. Finally the law was repealed but they still had a right to tax them.

                                                The Boston Masscre

      The soldiers and colonists did not get along very well. The colonists made fun of what they wore with names like "lobsterback."One day a crowd taunted a guard so soldiers stood by his side. The captain said don't fire the musket, but one heard fire and in seconds five people layed dead.

                                              The Boston Tea Party

       Parliament passed a law stating that they could only buy one type of tea. In December 1773 a group of men dressed up like Native Americans and boarded the ship. They dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the water! The colonists named this protest, The Boston Tea Party.

                                             The Intolerable Acts

        Parliament passed a lot of harsh new laws. One of these laws closed the Boston Harbor ships could pass until the tea was paid for. Colonies sent Boston food, money, and supplies. Leaders from 12 colonies gathered because they were all angry about the Intolerable Acts and were going to fight against it.

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