Texas Oil Boom!

A mechanical engineer named Anthony Lucas managed a mining operation for a Louisiana company. He traveled to Texas for in search of wealth. In 1899 on top of Spindletop Lucas mined 575 deep in the ground. His equipment broke and was out of money for new equipment. Lucas asked for finical help form Pennsylvania . Finally oil came bursting out of the ground.  The Beaumont areas were effected by gaining wealth that the oil had and gave jobs to people.

Texas was actually  the first state to discover oil. Pennsylvania was actually the first state to find oil. The oil found in Pennsylvania was the first state with a boom-town.The oil rush began in Titusville, Pennsylvania. It was mined by Edwin L. Drake, it was one of the most valuable resource in the U.S.

The oil found in spindletop caused social change to the oil industry. The social change helped education to Texas by giving school moneys like university. It also created a football team for the university of Texas. It also helped with automobiles like trains, cars, airplanes etc.

Oil also helped education in Texas. They created the university of Texas and A&M and funded the schools and there football team. The oil industry's also create one of the best college football teams in the U.S. The university's  also helped students to become business man.

Oil companies also helped the 21st century today because of that day of spindletop. We now see paint, tires, soccer balls, cloths, shoes, lipstick, baskets, maps, credit cards, and cards because of petroleum. And oil also brought private jets and super fast cars like a Ferrari. And education is better with bigger schools and great teachers.   

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