By: Jazaline Aparicio
Session 1

In this session I learned the definition of CADD. I had to identify hidden, border, and object lines and explain what each line represents. I also had complete a CADD drawing of a pattern using only hidden, border, and object lines.

Session 2

In this session, i had to continue working with the alphabet lines. I had to explore procedures for dimensioning a drawing. I also had to use a CAD program to dimension drawings and create multiple views of drawings.

Session 3

In session 3, i measured the dimensions of geometric solids and I also had to create, dimension, and print multiview drawings of geometric solids using the CAD software.

Session 4

In this session, i had to continue working with the alphabet of lines. I also had to learn about cutting-plane lines and section lines. Then i had to use the CAD Software to create cutaway drawings.

Session 5

In session 5, I had to explore the fundamentals of floor-plan design. I also had to begin creating an architectural drawing of your own floor plan. Architects design building and houses.

Session 6

In session 6, i had to add cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and other essential furnishings to my floor plan. A basic floor plan must include the locations of doors, windows, and walls.

Session 7

In this session, i had to continue working on my floor plan. I had to add lights, switches, and electrical outlets. Then i had to make changes to the roof and when i was done with my final product, i had to print it.

Careers in CADD are people who like to design houses and create the structures of the house. Many home designers have to make sure that all the paints and structures match. They have to know what color for the cabinets, doors, tables, etc. Then once they're done with the house, they have to do the outside such as the backyard and the front yard.