Canada and Ukraine


On February 28, 2014 Russian's troops occupied Crimea's airport and other specific facilities, the action that was considered 'an invasion and occupation' by Ukraine's interior minister. President Putin asked the Russian parliament for approval to send troops to Ukraine and by March 2, 2014 Russia had more than 6000 troops in Crimea. Canada was involved in this event after Ukraine appealed for International help and on March 17, 2014 made sanctions related to Russia's violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukraine. The prohibitions were enacted under the Special Economic Act and imposed an assets freeze on designated individuals, forbidding to people in Canada or Canadians abroad to deal in any property, making any good or provide any financial aid to those people. The regulations also imposed some restrictions to financial and energy sectors and include a list of names of people and entities that facilitate, support or provide funds to help deploy Russian's armed force to Crimea. There are exceptions. This event is important to Canada because of the well known recognized strong voice of the country in human right and advancement in democratic values. For that reason Canada supports the Ukrainian people to restore political and economic stability with a clear statement: "it remains ready to intensify its actions if a peaceful resolution is not reached". Ukraine's sovereign territory must be respected and the Ukrainian people must be free to determine their own future, therefore The Government of Canada is committed to support Ukraine during this period of transition. Canada will continue to work with allied countries to apply pressure that will further isolate Russia economically and politically. Canada has donated 30,000 pair of Gore-Tex boots, medical kits, and 60 pairs of night vision goggles delivery that make part of $ 11 millions assistant package announced in November 2014. The Royal Navy of Canada has participated in join NATO training exercises to enhance maritime security and stability in Eastern and Central Europe and sent soldiers to Poland to part in similar military activities. Ukrainians supporters of the illegally annexation, of Crimea to the Russian confederation, have interest in political participation. On the other hand there is clamor for the immediate freedom of Crimea for the rest of the country.

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