Income and Career

I am interested in having my own burger and salad joint and I am interested in selling my food to customers. One of my skills are staying focused I am very good at staying focused on a topic. My ability is to be a great leader. I am good at leading people into doing the right things. So if I can own my own burger and salad joint I can be the boss and lead the store to becoming one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

I would get a loan from Bank of America for all of the start- up costs.I would have a down payment of $60,000 and try to get a loan for $300,000. The three main products that we need for our restaurant is, burgers and fries. Another main product is beverages like sodas, juices, and water. Another product we are going to need is salads. Another things i am going to need to start up the restaurant is tables, chairs , sofas machines, signs , bathroom or any fixes that are needed in the restaurant and I would to fix up the front of stores to attract people.