Library Ideas

Tiered Seating

Tiered Seating would be nice in whatever room becomes the story area. We really like that some of these pictures show outlets in the tiers. We need lots and lots of electrical outlets in the library (including in display spaces)! We should be mindful that the tiers should be opposite a screen and that a projector must be ceiling mounted and ready to plug into whatever device (document camera, ipad, computer, etc). We would also like this room to be equipped with the sound system used in lower school classrooms.

These pictures show fixed tiers as well as portable systems, tiers with storage, sunken tiers, and tiers that can double as writing surfaces (I like this idea, as kids might not have to go back and forth between the story area and a table area to do projects).

Library seating and other Mood pics

This is a mood board with fun ideas. We love the idea of built in reading nooks (we do not want to use beanbags if at all possible.   You'd be surprised how many ways beanbags can be used as weapons).  We also think it would be great to have carrels (with outlets) and designated quiet reading chairs, perhaps in the area behind our desk, accessible to only those who need/want quiet space (test-takers, teacher conferencing with student, kids out from P.E. or elsewhere, etc).

Face Out Bookshelves for Easy Browsing

This would be a fantastic way for the younger kids to easily be able to browse for books.  In a normal book shelf, kids only see the spine of a book.  This way, they'll be able to easily flip through books and see the whole book cover.  

Library Signage

Signage will be incredibly important in the new library.  Not only will we be using a new system to catalog the books (which will utilize whole words that will appear in our signage rather than Dewey Decimal numbers), but the shelves will likely be mobile and may be moved/rearranged for functions in the library space.  The better our signage, the better our usability!

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