Peer Revising & Editing for Short Stories

This is how to revise and edited the correct way!!!!!!:)

The positives of revising and editing with a peer is that you will get things do faster, and you can get other peoples opinion on revising and editing.

The negatives of revising and editing is that the peers mite talk to each other, and you will not get done with things faster.   

          The Magical Curse

Story: Layla is a 15 year old girl who lives by a bossy stepmom and stepsister (Stacy). All she has ever learned to do was to clean up there mess in there Humongous house. Near her step family’s house is a little, tiny house. And that’s Layla’s, because ever since her dad died her stepmom took control. But one day Layla over heard her stepmom, “I can’t believe that 5th day of layla turning 15 had come!” Layla knocked on her door and took her laundry. Then she smiled the whole way out.

Later on that day Layla was dancing in the down in the hallways and she ran down the stairs, and realized that her feet got as big as a clowns foot! So she scrammed to Stacy’s, room and grabbed some shoes. But whenever she was going to scrub the floors, Layla’s ears got smaller! She felt her ears and looked in the nearest mirror and, “SQUIK!” Layla rushed to her bedroom and grabbed her pink and blue hat. She felt dizzy, and worried about what might happen next.

While Layla was sitting in her bed, her stepmom walked in her bedroom and whispered, “Darling, I got something for you.” Layla sat up to see the small chocolate cupcake (which was poisoned). Layla got up and whispered in a sassy voice, “Thank you, but I’m the only one who cooks around here.”

Layla grabbed her bumpy skateboard and black smooth jacket. She took a ride to get everything out of her mind. She rode all down a hill without thinking, but there was a huge rock in her way, and “BOOM!” She flipped over and slide on the road! It wasn’t long before her stepmom found her and took her back home, “Layla? Are you ok?” Layla woke up all bruised and sore “Dad?” Layla whispered. “No silly, it’s your mother.” Screeched her stepmom. Layla used all her energy she had left and pushed away while limping to her bedroom. Layla slammed her door and feel asleep in bed. Whenever Layla was asleep her stepmom gave Stacy an order to play a cure on Layla.

Stacy opened the door and sat down on the soft floor and whispered, “Make the cure to sadness on this girl, with a lonely world.” The floor turned green and black! Stacy ran out of the bedroom and Layla got pushed by one of her dressers. Layla opened her eyes and saw everything flying around her! She screamed while trying to make a path to her door, but vines covered her walls and yanked her leg. Layla once realized that she had her phone in her pocket, she called the police but Layla dropped her phone in the green and black floor! Tears dropped from Layla’s face like hard rain in the rainforest. Hours went by and she knew what she had to do! Layla let go of the bed one finger at a time, while crying... And there she was getting sucked threw the floor and into another world, and the first thing she saw was her dad.

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