Construction Law, Michael W LeRoy

Michael W LeRoy is an attorney that is based out of Orlando Florida. He is known for his exceptional legal body of services and trial litigation over the years. This reputation extends throughout the state of Florida and he is handled many cases with a phenomenal rate of success. One of the cases that comes his way from time to time our construction lawsuits.

Construction law is quite complicated and there are a number of things that go into defending cases in this field. It requires an attorney that has a thorough knowledge and understanding of laws on the subject of construction, current regulations, construction materials, contract law, construction companies, subcontracts and much more. You can already see how complex that list alone has started to play out but when you’re talking about a lawsuit this can be many hundreds if not thousands of pages of official records, contracts, filings and so on.

Nearly 10 years ago, LeRoy founded a prominent and successful law firm known as Fulmer Michael W LeRoy and Albee, PLLC, of which he is also the firm’s managing partner. There are other additional offices that serve clients in different communities. His exceptional legal services have proven themselves through many court cases over the course of his career. For those in the construction industry including contractors, subcontractors, developers and investors these are some of the most critical factors in the successful defense in a construction matter. Part of LeRoy’s magic formula is having a mastery of these topics such that he is able to extract and action items a concise strategy of defense.

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