This article celebrates the power of professional learning communities and looks at how relationships are built from the inside out. We'll see how it takes one person to start a movement, and we'll discuss some principles of group dynamics, both in wider social contexts and in the classroom.

I will use multi-media examples from my own personal learning network to feature the power of group dynamics and inspiration online.

It begins with YOU and your 'mindsight.'

The Power Of group Dynamics Online

What is mindsight?

"Mindsight is the ability of the human mind to see itself. It is a powerful lens through which we can understand our inner lives with more clarity, transform the brain, and enhance our relationships with others."

Daniel J. Siegal


This is about stories. We are the old stories we tell ourselves, we become the new stories we tell ourselves, and we transform the stories we tell ourselves by telling our stories to others.

What is a storyteller?

A poet, a musician, a teacher, a socially-connected human being, perhaps.

But mostly, a storyteller is one who paints a unique picture of humanity through self-expression and sharing.

There are no group dynamics without stories, no communities without stories.

Today I'll talk about my personal learning network and share the story of a well-known musician and teacher so as to depict the power of group dynamics beginning with the individual.