2 Life-Changing Starbucks Drinks

You really don't need to get the same boring drink every time


This is my all time favorite Starbucks drink. Seriously guys its amazing, and you cant beat the price. I always get a venti ( the 2nd largest size next to the mammoth Trenta which is 30 freaking ounces) in this drink because its cheap and go's down real easy. If your a ice tea lover, you wont ever go back to anything else. This drink is on the sweet side, because I have an incurable sweet tooth, but feel free to reduce the pumps of the liquid sweetener they add to it, called Classic Syrup. Its like liquid sugar essentially.

Iced Venti Shaken Black Tea Lemonade


An Iced venti, 6 pump classic, 1 pump raspberry shaken black tea lemonade.

All venti iced beverages come with 6 pumps of classic, but since I add the pump of raspberry I always clarify to the barista that i'm not substituting the pump of raspberry, I'm adding it. So I still want all 6 pumps of classic syrup. And I always make sure to say shaken because its the correct way to say the beverage and I want them to know that I really do want the drink shaken up, not just ingredients pored over top of each other and then served up. This drink will come looking like a delicious slightly red iced drink. The raspberry is absolutely amazing and adds an extra element to it. I only EVER get one pump of raspberry because that syrup is stronger than an old ladys perfume. If you want to get this in a smaller size, simply tell the barista that you want a grande or a tall, but please keep all the classic pumps. If you get a tall a whole pump of raspberry is usally way way to much so ask for half a pump. Voila!


Go to Starbucks. Order this delicious beverage. Its a blended, coffee-free drink. You CAN order this drink with coffee, it would be called a Café Vanilla Frappucino. This is how I personally order it for myself, but feel free to modify it any way YOU choose. The original version is pure white in color (the café vanilla one is a light coffee colored drink) and comes with whip cream. This version is also pure white with caramel drizzle and no whip because I don't much care for whip cream. Enjoy.

Vanilla Bean Caramel Frappucino


A tall, no whip vanilla bean Frappuccino with extra caramel drizzle around the cup.

That's it folks! I know it sounds basic but it really is pretty delicious and simple. The caramel adds an extra sweet element that you wouldn't expect and anyways I'm starting you off slow. This is a perfect light, tasty afternoon drink. I made some co workers get it this afternoon and they wouldn't shut up about it after they got it, which is how I got the idea for writing this. Another fun way to modify this drink is by adding chocolaty chips to it to make like a cookies and cream Frappuccino which is to die for.

Depending on the response this tackk gets I may add more drinks later on, maybe expand to hot drinks or something.