The Moons Importance

Hailey Williams

8th hour

The Moons Role

The moon has many important roles. One being, the moon controls our tides with its gravitational pull. If we didn't have the moon we wouldn't have high or low tides. If we didn't have the moon we wouldn't have solar or lunar eclipses. The moon also has phases in which are important.

As the moon orbits earth, the amount of light that is reflected is called phases. It takes the moon about 29 days to orbit earth one time. As it orbits the light reflected off of it continuously changes. The moons 8 different phases are, newmoon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing gibbons, full moon, waning gibbons, 3rd quarter, and waning crescent.

Also as the moon orbits it causes tides. The moon is not big like earth but it is close. The moon has a strong enough gravitational pull that it causes tides. The gravity of the moon pulls earths water towards it while earth is rotating making high tides in some spots and low tides in some other spots. That is how the moon causes tides.

Sometimes when the moon is rotating it causes a eclipse. When the moon perfectly lines up with earth is when we have eclipses. There is two types of eclipses. The two types of eclipses are a solar and a lunar eclipse. That is a little bit of information about eclipses.

The moon plays a very important part. The moon controls tides so with out the moon we wouldn't have tides. We would still be alive but the night sky would not be as unique if w didn't have the moon.

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