Nicholas K.W - Digital Edit

Value: Bravery

I am going to show you what I have been doing in first couple of lessens in digital tech and how to make a web page just like this one you are looking at.

I selected this picture because it shows bravery by a small girl going up and placeing her hand on a grizzly bears forehead

with this image i used "pixlr" to edit  and improve this picture by sharpening, a blue swirl and made the image lighter

the nights are showing bravery by going to fight the fire breathing dragon.

In this picture i used pixlr again.when i edited this image i sharpened,boosted the colour,added text.

I used this image too show bravery because the penguin is going to wake up a polar bear

Again iv used pixlr this time i added stickers to add a bit more character

soldiers all ways show bravery by going to war and fighting our battles

with this picture I brighten it up, add some text, put some sticker, some red swirls and a over lay to make it look old.

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