Museum Exhibit: Homo Sapiens Sapiens

By Brian Zhang

This modern hominid is also known as the Doubly Wise Man. IT was discovered by a little girl named Maria. He lived 150,000 years ago.

Physical Description

The homo sapiens sapiens look like most modern humans were about 5 feet 5 inches tall. They had high rounded skulls, small teeth, slender bones, and brains larger than earlier humans.


Homo Sapiens Sapiens originated from Africa. They migrated to all the continents, all around the world.


The Homo Sapiens Sapiens used natural resources to survive. They ate the animals they hunted and used their skin as clothes. They also learned to farm plants like wheat to make bread. The Doubly Wise Man also drank fresh water from lakes and streams.

Special Capabilities

The Homo Sapiens Sapiens had many capabilities. They were biped which means they could walk on two feet. They also made better tools than the other hominids like bow and arrows. This helped them survive because they can protect themselves from animals and hunt safely.

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