1. Plenty of food! The main food source is soldiers.

2. Perfect for a family! The soldier's clothes are a protective shelter for children to grow up in.

3. Varying weather! The trenches here are usually warm with some rainy days.

What is it like there?

- The trenches of France are usually hot with mostly rainy days which creates a lot of mud. Sometimes when it rains excessively, the trenches will flood and we have to evacuate for a little bit. They are also very safe and secure because of the sandbag lining. Plenty of space; the trenches are usually up to ten feet. Some days can be very loud due to fighting but nights are peaceful.

Are there any negatives?

- There is only one bad thing about moving to a whole new environment and that is the new sicknesses. In France at this time it is very easy to get diseases due to unsanitary conditions. If you are interested in moving, prepare yourself and maybe wait a little longer until conditions improve.

All in all, French trenches are always welcoming new people! The weather, food, locals, and overall atmosphere are great! Move to France now!

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