its close to midnight
i'm awake on my bed
sharpening a machete
It had been my grandpas
the rust on the blade was plentiful
which was a pain to get off
I then realized that it was late and i should go to sleep
just as i start to close the rusted knife. BAM!
It had swung shut faster than I could imagine
Then i see it
the red smooth liquid covering my thumb
the stinging pain
the shock that i was going through was breathtaking
Yet it did not initially hurt
then next i know i’m getting stitches
the brown sanitizing liquid running down my thumb
the sharp needle poking through my thumb
literally through my thumb
it was the worst pain I could imagine at the time
clenching my core to make the pain bearable
the needle, so sharp and intimidating
one of my worst fears
had just come true
at least i still had my thumb
at least...

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