Early Industrialism

Early-Mid 1800's

Elias Howe invented the sewing machine which helped the growth of industrialization. With new industries and factories coming into America, workers were needed. The Lowell factory system was one manufacturing company that employed young women and also gave food, a place to stay, and protection. With women becoming employed in America,this became known as the Market Revolution. Radical changes occurred like the employment of women. Most women had jobs and became more independent and their roles were changing. The "cult of domesticity" is the idea that promoted that women could work at home and different jobs. Basically the idea that women were strong, independent, and self-supportive.

Elias Howe's sewing machine
Women in textile factory

• investigation of conditions for women and children working in textile factories

• led to the Act of 1833 which limited labor hours for women and children

This was the first time factory conditions and labor quantity were a major and prevalent issue in America.

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