physical features

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The first subject we are going to talk about is the Physical Features. There are plains and valleys that have plenty of fertiled soil. One of the island near by is the Prince Edward island. The region faces Atlantic Ocean. Also there are many coniferous trees areas in the Appalachian Region


The next subject is climate. The summers in the in the Appalachian can be either cool , warm or rainy. There are many rainfalls in the Appalachian reigon. There is  a lot of precipitation in this region. In some places in the Appalachian region there are ice storms and snow storms. Also there is  long winters and short summers.


The next part of the Appalachian region is about the vegetation and there is lots of vegetation in the Appalachian region and some of it is the red maple , spruce and white pine. There are Coniferous and deciduous. The forest tree are usually hard wood tree. The trees are usually higher than normal trees. They are yellow birch, sugar maple and black and white spurce. Also mixed soil and mixed forsetes.


The next thing we are going to talk about is the animal live  in the Appalachian region and some of the birds are razerbills, gulls and the puffin. Also there are many types of fish in this region. Also there are whales, moose, caribou, snowshoes, hares and squirrel. Also there are ducks, shorebirds, white tail deer, fox, beavers, coyotes, porcupine and raccoons. Also the Appalachian region is one of the best fishing places in the world. The fish in the region is cod, salmon, Pollock, halibut, red fish and herring


This is the last thing we are going to talk about and it is about the natural resourses. There are many types of woods in this region. Some of the ores in the region is coal, gold, copper, salt, zinc, lead and oil. The four most common recourses is stone, dirt, sand and gravel. And last of all is that coal is the most common ore.