Allayna Allwine

March 24, 2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

At the very start of my reading I know that something happened to Melinda that we do not know of yet. One thing I thought of was why do all of her friends want nothing to do with her? Sometimes people think about stuff to much and we try to run away from our problems. What happened to Melinda that she has just created her very own Clan and she called herself an outcast? There has to be a reason for why she is being treated like this. Will we ever find out the reason Melinda has shut herself out away form the other students and her ex-best friends?

March 25, 2015
Tough Questions

As I keep reading I have thought of a few tough questions that would be answered through out my book. Why does she shut herself out of everything? Melinda does not want to join a few clubs she is not interested in being with some of the kids nor does she want to do anything with the other 9th graders. This makes me wonder why she is doing everything that she is doing. Something huge must be revealed sometime during the book so I would be able to know why she is doing this to herself. Also what will she end up doing with the tree that she has picked out of the bin to draw? Will she show all of her emotions within her picture. I can't wait till my questions are answered

March 26, 2015
Memory Moment

As I was reading about Halloween a year before I noticed many things about Melinda. When Melinda was with her friends she felt cool. In a way I now think that Melinda has let herself go. Rachel made Melinda feel like a something when Heather just is a friend for now. who knows Heather could eventually be the best friend that Melinda needed. I think this flashback was important because it shows how she felt when she was with them. Melinda said she felt wicked and she felt powerful that Halloween so personally I think she felt good being with her old friends. However the reason they are not friends with Melinda has to be a good one because it seems that they were so close but some kind of issue separated these girls away from each other.

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