We live out in the woods we produce our own energy from solar panels and get our water from a water fall with the help of a machine that purifies the water and delivers it to a storage tank underneath my house and also the guild we are a part of is called EDGE me being an original founder of the guild along with 5 other people who i trust with my life we have no religon we belive in survival and we want to exell with all availible knowledge to man and to discover new things and our location is uknown by the goverment or any other cilvilization on earth our militia works with the with the world powers to take out targets with a high price on their head like terrorist and we also go and do things on our own if we see somthing is not right or a problem for the world we go unseen and fix the problem our group has a professional in evrey feild like coking combat electronics etc. we share recipes and create and experement ut we only cook 5 star meals

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