By: Halle Lane

Basic Information...

Capital: Caracas

Population: 28,868,489

National Language: Spanish

Currency: Venezuelan Bolivar

Two Neighboring Countries: Colombia, and Brazil

Famous Places...

Playa El Agua

Its a huge attraction! There's a hotel right on the beach and the view and wheater is amazing!!

Estadio Monumental de Maturin

This is the football stadium also known as " Soccer" and this is Venezuela's national sport.

House of Santander Colombia

This is a historical location that you can stay at!

Food & Drinks




Local Expresstions

Bonche means: a bunch

Arrecho means: angry

Macundales means: business

Level 4

This picture shows the festive side of Venezuela because theres a strong legend of the "South American Cowboy". That clammed to be, evil as the devil. This legend is believed to be started because Venezuela had no cultural belief and others believe this the " South American Cowboy" is real.

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