Somedays you must be willing to create your own light.  Today Methodical Coffee did just that.

Today I woke up excited. Today I woke up relieved. Today I woke up to the opening of Methodical coffee, the newest #yeahTHATGreenville coffee shop. I met up with a good friend (Courtney Shelton, @cbshelto) this morning as we began to make the trip down to Methodical to in turn support more good friends in their venture. As with anything I went in with preconceived notions. This is what I will tell you. I was not expecting too much in terms of experience. There are plenty of great coffee shops in this area. What I knew tho was that I was going to get an amazing cup of coffee based on Will's brewing abilities and it was going to be a fun atmosphere based on the personalities of Marco and David. I got both of those things but BOY did I get so much more.

I often talk to entrepreneurs about the importance of making a statement right out of the gate. How your narrative and brand are shaped on day one by the way you foster community opinion. That they must pour their heart and souls into their story and the details that make them who they are. You see the service or product is nothing more than a by-product of the passion.

Today Methodical Coffee just schooled the world of business in a whole lot of empathy.

Located in downtown Greenville, SC there is no giant logo on the fact come to think of it I didn't see Methodical anywhere but on the shirts. Now, you may argue that this makes no sense. I will argue that it is genius. On day one the team at Methodical made their place of business a home. They allowed the narrative to be written by it's customers, it's family. As you waited in line you quickly get the sense that this is not Starbucks ( Which I new, just helping ya out :) ). There is no "coffee on tap." Each cup is "methodically" brewed with a hearty mixture of love, passion and skill. Each experience is "methodically" engineered. Yet, in the rush of life there was no issue with the wait. A person who generally hates crowds of people, I was intrigued by the opportunity of conversation at every glance around the shop. The beautiful sounds system, clean lines and well light space allows you to escape and quite frankly you forget you are waiting on anything. (even if the caffeine bug is nipping strongly at your heels.) There are a long list of reasons why I love this place and at the top is the people that have built it. There are incredible methods to get amazing coffee.....  The location is great...... I could go on and on but you need to find that all out for yourself.

Today Methodical Coffee did more than open #yeahTHATGreenvlle 's newest hangout. It just gave us an almost perfect case study in creating something out of passion to inspire passion, storytelling and a love of some bad ass coffee.


check them out: @methodical_sc