Hour of Code 2016
Elementary Edition

Why kids should learn to code?

Learning computer programming empowers kids!

Coding promotes computational thinking!

Coding provides many early learning benefits!

It teaches technology fluency and 21st century skills!

We need more programmers!

Where do I start?

Check out this great Brain Pop to learn what computer programming is all about!

Then head over to Code.org and start coding with Minecraft, Star Wars or Frozen!

What can I do next?

Now that you have developed some basic coding skills, it is time for you to enter the exciting world of Creative Coding. As a creative coder you will learn how to create your own animated stories, games, digital artwork, and so much more.

Head over to Scratch and get started bringing your own ideas to life with code!

You may also enjoy exploring more of the great resources from Code.org to go Beyond an Hour of Code

Show me more!

Check out these great tools for both iPad or Android tablets!

Other Great Websites and Tools