Main Beliefs

Shintoism's Symbol

Shintoism is located in Japan and stayed in Japan. Shinto ("the way of the gods") is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people and as old as Japan itself. It remains Japan's major religion alongside Buddhism. Shinto does not have a founder nor does it have sacred scriptures like the sutras or the bible. Shintoism gods are called kami.


Hinduism is located in India. Hinduism was found 1500 BC or earlier. Also is the third largest in the world. There original language was Sanskrit. reincarnation souls is reborn. they affected the culture by trying to lead a god life in order to keep moving towards perfection


Buddhism is located is India but they moved to Korea and Japan. What is was in India it was not accepted there so they moved on. Buddhism learns to accept what life brings them

The four noble truths

Everyone suffers

Suffer is caused by having desires

To end suffering, you have to end you desires

To end you desires, follow the eight-fold path

Taoism Symobol

Taoism is located in china and stayed there. Taoism follows the way of nature in there main belief. they affected the culture by not challenging the natural process. they accept as they come. Taoism has one of three main beliefs systems of traditional china- along with Confucianism and Buddhism.


Confucianism is also located in china. all there people need to accept their role in society. great deals of respect for parents and elders and country.

the five relationships

Father -son

Older brother- young brother

Husband- wife

Ruler- subject



Judaism is located inn the middle east Christianity and Islam. They only have one God mono. God will send Messiah to them one day. they try to follow Gods laws so Messiah will come one day the (10 commandments). they were kicked out of palatine by the Romans. Removed from the palatine during the Diaspora the scattering of the Jewish people during the !st century

Judaism Symbol


Christianity is also located in the Middle East. Also has one god and one god only. Simple rules won many converts to Christianity. The Roman Empire persecuted the Christianity. Slowly accepted christainity ida. Eventually became the official religion Romans spread christainity throughout the Empire.


The Islam's are also located in the Middle East. They have one god too. Out of Mecca, East to India , West across North Africa, and out to Spain. Islam spread by the military conquest and the trade.

Islam's symbol

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