Why You Should Live in Mesopotamia

We are located in Mesopotamia, in Mesopotamia there is the Tigris and Euphrates river,by those rivers is  Ur.Ur is where you will be staying. We call Ur a city-state because it has its own laws and rules.

1.Are advantages  has is  fresh  water from a river.So sense we have fresh water .We don't half to walk miles to find fresh drinking water like other people. Because Ur is right next to the euphrates and tigris river

2. Technology:We have good technology like the wheel,irrigation system,levee,dams,canals,reservoir.All of those technology items are helpful to us to make are life easier.The irrigation system helps us to supply land with water.

3. Religion:We have rituals and Ziggurats and Polytheism .A Ziggurats is a ancient temple tower to honer the gods.An ritual is a religious ceremony that we have once in a while. Polytheism is the beliefs in many gods.