Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Charley was a storm on August 10, 2004. Charley continued to strengthen after curving northwestward and was a 120 mph Category 3 hurricane when it made landfall near Alquízar, Cuba on August 13. Then Charley weakened to a Category 2 hurricane. Then Charley strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane later on August 13, with winds peaking at 150 mph. On August 13, Charley made landfall at Cayo Costa, Florida, followed by another landfall in Punta Gorda about an hour later. Charley rapidly weakened over Florida, falling to Category 1 by early on August 14. The storm brought rainfall and strong winds to Jamaica. The storm left $4.1 million in damage and one fatality in Jamaica. Impact in Florida was extreme: strong winds caused 2 million power outages and destroyed more than 2,439 structures and impacted over 26,749 others. Charley caused 24 deaths and 792 injuries in the U.S. Throughout the United States, the storm caused $15.1 billion in damage, with nearly of all of it in Florida.

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