Frederick Douglass Big Question

1.what topic did I choose?

Violence and hope

2. Why did I pick this ?

Because why did Frederick Douglass didn't like the violence and he believe in hope that all the violence well go away

3.what do he think of this

Frederick Douglass think of this that all this violence should not be here we should all be in. Peace and not beat on African American because of there color everyone should be treated the same not different from each other be treated the same I pick hope because we need it to believe on want we want in are life and not give up on want we are pushing are self to get hope will get u some where in life not lead u down the wrong path.

4.and want I'm looking for?

I want and Frederick Douglass want to know why all the violence and not a lot of hope and we both want the truth

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3 years ago

How did Frederick Douglass still have hope even after all the violence he saw?