Registered Nurse

Delaney Allen


-help treat newborns, children, aadolescents, adults, and elderly

- RN's who re specializing in a treatment of a practical organ or body system usually are employed in a hospital specialty or critical care unit

- Some RN's even travel around the world

Required Skills

- Being able to see clearly up close

-ability to speak clearly enough to be understood by others

-ability to understand speech of anther person

-learn quickly

-ability to see details in numbers, words, and charts


- must graduate from a nursing program

-It takes about 2 years to obtain an associates degree

-A nursing diploma program usually takes about 3 years


-Median annual wages of RN's were about $62,430 in 2013

Future Outlook:

-Employment is expected to decrease more slowly in hospitals than most other care industries

-Many new jobs will be open to people who want them


-You get to treat and educate others about medical illnesses

-Provide support for sick patients

Similar Careers:


-Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

-School Nurse

Why I chose this occupation:

-I chose this because I have always wanted to be some kind of doctor and like helping others






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