Paranormal Phenomena

by Joshua Ramirez


                Between one-third and one-half of Americans believe in ghosts, and that belief motivates many to look for evidence of the paranormal. Ghosts aren't surely real because there is not enough  evidence that currently supports the existence of ghosts and the           mental processes and functions in the human brain. I’ll tell you why ghosts aren't said to be real based on these things.

Ghosts aren't said to be real because there is not enough evidence of the paranormal. Despite the efforts of real-life ghost hunters, over the past decade, the evidence for ghosts has not improved. For example, the personal experiences. Ghost hunters often report personal feelings and experiences like, “I felt we were being watched,” or “I felt like something didn't want us there.” There’s nothing wrong with personal experiences, but they are not evidence of anything other than that people scare themselves in dark, spooky places. This is one of the reasons why I feel and that you should feel that ghosts aren't real based on the evidence.

Another reason why ghosts are believed to be unreal is because of the mental processes and functions in the human brain. The emerging consensus is that belief in the supernatural seems to arise from the same metal processes that underlie everyday perception and reasoning. Paranormal phenomena results from extremes in the normal functions of the brain. For example, the brain fills the gaps in vision and hearing to complete the picture, potentially leading to leading to supernatural misconceptions and misinterpretations of ordinary stimuli. Seeing patterns in coincidences indicates a psychological bias to validate beliefs and we humans developed a high sensitivity to the presence of living beings, creating a tendency to perceive inanimate objects. This is the other reason you should believe that ghosts aren’t real based on this reasoning.

In conclusion, based on these reasons, you should believe that ghosts aren't real. They are not, due to the evidence and mental processes and functions of the human brain. A solution to this problem would be to investigate if they are real by also using better advanced equipment and techniques and also not follow what someone says based on their beliefs or what they feel. We won’t know until we use better techniques and have logical explanations. Until then, I've told you why you shouldn't believe in ghosts until you figure out the truth and right now, the majority of everyone shouldn't due to the reasons I've said. They aren't real.

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