Maufactured Fibers

polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon, acetate and spandex

Polyester is made from or petroleum. Its strong and often blended with other fibers. Common uses is children's wear, shirts and suits. Nylon is the first fiber to be manufactured totally from chemicals. Its strong, durable, elastic and dries quickly. Common uses are hosiery, swimwear, wind breakers. Acrylic is soft and warm, pills easily and quick drying. The common uses are bathrobes, knitted garments and terrycloth. Rayon is soft, absorbent and comfortable. The common uses are sports shirts and jackets. Acetate is deep luster, and soft...silky and luxurious. Common uses are lingerie and blouses. Spandex known for its ability to stretch, and light weight. The uses are dance-wear and exercise.

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