Income and Career goal
By: Shavon Wilson
Computer Science Class-period 1

On my Vocational Choice Assessment and showed me that I am Artistic, Social, and Enterprising .According to the Career and College (AA) handout the three career choices that I picked were , Graphic Designer , Sales Person, and Counselor .

After discussing this with my partner , I decided to become a Graphic Designer and I looked into it some more and found it at '' Careership '' where you can find about your career.

Education, Training

I would first have to finish high school and then if I wanted to I would have to get my bachelors degree. And I would have to have some type of work related experience on the job.The knowledge and experience would be great for this type of occupation.

Next level

To have a job at the big company Landor I would have to first attend a graphic design so I chose The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and there I would take a Graphic Design class that would increase my knowledge .

The University of The Arts

The University of The Arts are located in Philadelphia and covers any art from , graphic designing , singing, art, dancing, and more and its tuition and fees would be annually $38,410 and I'm willing to pay to do what I might love .

Getting Started

I'm very siked to ever go to The University of The Arts

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