By Megan and Carter

Aphids are know as "plant lice." They are small small sap-sucking insects. They can be colored black, red, brown, or yellow.

Sucking the sap weakens and deforms the plant. The sticky honeydew they leave behind attracts mold on the leaves which affects photosynthesis. They can also spread viruses as they pierce the plant and allow diseases access.
Symptoms: the leaves will yellow and brown and curl up.

The ideal control to get rid of Aphids is chemical control, use pesticides, like Horticultural Oils or Horticultural Soaps, to get rid of the pest population.

The cost for Horticultural Oils is between $10 to $50 depending on the size of bottle and brand.

For biological control, Ladybird Beetles, Lacewing insects, and Parasitic Aphid birds eat Aphids and would reduce their population.

For cultural control, Silver-colored Reflective mulches reduce the transmission of Aphid viruses in vegetables.

For mechanical control, you can hand-pick the damaged plants and hose Aphids off with hose.

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