3 types of art

Title : European lady  

Artist : Hiraga Gennai

Date it was created : late 18th century

This painting is representational because it looks as if it was a real European lady.

Title : PH-129

Artist : Clyfford Still

Date it was created : 1949

This painting is nonobjective  because it doesn't look like anything from the real world.

Fact : it was made in San Francisco CA

Title : Jacob Haugard

Artist : Soren Hagen

Date it was created : 1998

This is representational because the way the man in the painting looks realistic and the color choices.

Title : PH-160

Artist : Clyfford Still

Date it was created : 1957

This  painting is nonobjective because it pays more attention to the elements of art.

Title : Woman with a fan

Artist : Emil Filla

Date it was created : 1917

This painting is abstract  because it only shows bits and pieces of the women and the fan and because it has little detail.

Title : Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Artist : Gris, Juan

Date it was created : Jan - Feb 1912

This painting is abstact  because it looks like as if a real portrait was made and cut into pieces and that it has little detail.