1. Cause of WWI

The direct cause of WWI was the assassination of Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo. A young Serbian nationalist killed him with a pistol. The Serbian nationalist killed him because Austria-Hungary was ally with Germany and the Serbian nationalist wanted Austria-Hunagry to be an ally with Serbia and Russia. After he killed Archduke, Austria-Hunagry declared war on Serbia, then Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary and Germany. Couple of days later, almost the whole Europe was in the war. #Militarism #Nationalism #Total War

2. WWI Weaponry & Technologies

WWI was the time when every country in Europe became rapidly industrialized. Sadly, all the military leaders and generals were still adapting their old-fashioned strategies to these new WWI weapons. Millions of soldiers died because of that. There were tons of new weapons and technologies invented during this time, such as tanks, flamethrower, poison gas, chemical weapons, machine guns and tons of other stuff. #Militarism

The Allies first invented tanks in 1915, they called them the "landships". They were first used in the Battle Flers-Courcelette and they killed more occupants than enemies. Tanks Corps were officially established in 1918 and they accomplished very much in the war. #Militarism

3. Soldiers Life

Soldier's life during WWI was very harsh, because of the lack of medical technologies and medicines and they had to live in trenches underground. In this picture, the soldier was cleaning himself with dirt water. As you see, these soldiers don't get to take showers, they wore the same clothes and socks for months. #TrenchLife

In this picture, you can see these soldiers sleeping in the trenches. Trenches are very small and tight. Tons of soldiers are crowed in here, which can cause diseases and trench foot. Usually soldiers sit around and wait all day for orders to attack. These soldiers' life are boring, dangerous and nasty. #Total War #TrenchLife

4. Civilian life

WWI was a great example of total war, because soldiers weren't only the ones out there fighting. Other Civilians like women and children were out there helping too. Usually women volunteered for hospitals and manufactures, and kids volunteered to work in the factories and selling newspapers. In this picture you can see a group of Red-Cross volunteers, they are all women. They helped to take care of wounded soldiers. #Women Power

In this picture, a Red-Cross volunteer is lighting a cigarette for a soldier. These women volunteers jobs were just as dangerous as these soldiers. They had to help out in the front line and invasion could happen anytime. #Total War #Women Power

5. Impact of the war

The impact of environments after WWI was enormous because of these new deadly weapons. (not as bad as WWII though) These damage too decades to heal. As a punishment for Germany, they had to pay for all the reparations, which led to the WWII. After WWI, A lot of European countries got into war debts. Inflations spread throughout Europe.

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