• Create a design demonstrating an understanding of scale. This means taking something very large and properly transforming it into a design that looks similar. An example could be a 3D representation of Ft. McHenry or another Baltimore lankmark.
  • Yes i Planed it out with using an photo of the building as my reference and worked off of that
  • I always liked the way the building was designed  and how it is the tallest building in the world


  • Like I said before i used an picture of the burj dubai as my reference for the project and used tinkercad as my canvas.
  • one problem i faced was how to take a screenshot with a mac computer i have always used an windows os and that was probably the hardest [art of this process
  • I overcame my problem i researched it online which gave Much guidance when lost.


  • Probably an iteration of the building so it can be more child friendly so we wouldn't get board of the constant elevator tips.