Blast from the bast
By: Blake Simmons

I was sent back in the past to the 19th century somehow. After being stuck here for 17 years, I thought I would have adapted to the time frame, but I haven't. I was living in Boston in 1992, Strangely I was brought back 192 years.

I'll tell you the whole story, I was CEO of a business, my business was starting to collapse. In order to keep my business going, I needed to make a product that would change the world. Me and my assisstante thought of a machine that people has been trying to make for decades, this machine was the time machine. This project didn't take a short period of time to make.

The sketches themselfs took over 154 hours. The project alone took 3 years to build. After years of planning and hard work, we had finally made our so-called time machine. The machine turned out to be as tall as a doorway, it was 6 feet wide and looked late a "capsule". When I was ready, I plugged it up. I had to punch in some numbers to activate the machine, when I press ENTER, I had a sudden rush of nausia. It made some strange noises.... Then silence broke out. I began to get stomach cramps. I was so disapointed in myself. When I began to walk away, a large beam of light shot out of the machine, Then thats when it all happened, My skin started to crumble to the ground, as if my body particles were breaking down.

In a blink of an eye I went back in time. When I woke up I was on the ground, in the middle of a dirt road. People on horseback were passing by. They didn't bother stoping, or asking me for their help. I found it odd that I woke up in the middle of a dirt road. When I finally get the strength to get up, I look over the horizon. I was in the wild west. I ask an onlooker where I was, The answer he gave me sent goosebumps to my skin. His answer was California. I also asked him what time it was, he told me 1800.

He took me to a little town called "Blackwater". It was a little town, that had a lot to do. You could get a drink at the "Saloon" , or play poker. I stayed at this fancy hotel called "The pony express". On the walls were trophies of the animals someone killed, they had a buffalos head, bears head and more. When I got to my room, there was a man, on the left side of the door. He was a detective. He asked me if im new here. I shook my head. Then he walks off. As soon as I open the door to my room, I see to marshalls there waiting for me. They grab each arm and drag me back downstairs. I didn't know what was going on. They took me to the sheriffs station. They slung me in a dark, empty chamber. Felt like 2 hours have gone by. Then all of a sudden, the same detective I saw at the hotel walks in. He sits down. He didnt dress like a "cowboy", he had a black suit on with a small hat on.

He asks me "Is your name William Bonney"? (Billy the Kid) I was in such shock. I couldnt believe I was mistaken for the infamous "Billy the Kid". The marshalls took me to the middle of the town. Thats where I was scheduled to me hung. They had already had a little platform for me to be hung. The whole town was there. I was so scared and nervous. I was being killed for absolutly nothing. I walk up on the platform, The nooseman but the noose around my neck. He finally but a black bag over my head. The sheriff was calling out my charges and the reason for my exicution.

Coming down to the last seconds of my life, I said a small prayer. Then I heard a loud BANG! A bullet hit the rope and cut it in half. A man on horseback came riding in town, he said "He isn't Billy the Kid, I am". Everyone looked in disbelief. The sheriff said "Well come on up here then". Few minutes later, the infamous Billy the Kid was hung. The sheriff later apologized to me. I was so thankful for him saving me like that. The sheriff set me free later that night, I was walking to my hotel room, when all of a sudden my kin started to crumble once more.

It was a beautiful sight. I didnt know if I was going back to the present or not, I was just happy I was getting out of that time frame. Within minutes, I was in my own bed, in my own house, back in Boston.

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