The Crusades: Perspectives of the Jews

Maricela Martinez H7

    The significance of Jerusalem to the Jews. It was important for the Jews to control the city of Jerusalem for many reasons. First of all, it was really important to control the city of Jerusalem because it was a really big city. To defend this city the Jews and Muslim soldiers fought side by side against the Crusaders. Afterwards the Jews got the city of Jerusalem and the rest of the groups thought that the Jews were over powered and the Jews thought they had the authority of every thing. They said that so the other groups could be scared of them and not attack the Jews.

    Cause of the Crusaders to the Jews. The Crusades made the most of the Jews stop believing in their religion. They made them stop believing in Judaism because they had to be baptized and believe in god. " The crusades became the symbol of opposition between Christianity and Judaism." This saying tells that the crusades was just a war between their religious matters. This also made the Jews hate the Crusaders a lot, not only because they made them believe in other things, but also because the Crusaders had killed many of their people. The Jews also hated the Crusaders because they had invaded most of their land. The land where the Jews were in Germany had been taken away. The Jews in Spain had a feeling that they were going to attack any moment.Also right after the Crusaders had killed most of the Jews, their economy started to develop. Unfortunately, their economy started to diminish in the 11th century.

   The impact of the Crusaders to the Jews. The Crusaders had killed about 800 Jews any many others had suicided themselves, on May 25, 1096 in Worms, Germany. It also said "many Jews in France suffered a lot." This shows that not only the Jews in Germany were suffering, but the jews from other places were also suffering. Most of the Jews that were killed was because they weren't baptized, so the Pope ordered the knights to kill them all. The ones who weren't killed were baptized, but practiced Judaism in secret.

    The Jews perception on other groups during the Crusade. The Jews viewed themselves as superior to the other groups. They thought that they were better than the other groups. The Jews thought that they were better fighters because they conquested more land than the other groups and because they believed that they were more powerful. I think that they were inferior with the other groups because the Crusaders had killed many of them and had also separated them from their beliefs once they baptized the ones that were still alive.

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