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Bucket brigade!

At Silverado middle school there was a "Bucket brigade"There were lots of students
were particapating in this event. there was lots of water spraying everywere and kids were happy and having fun. Almost every kid at Silverado middle school loves the Bucket brigade, so lets vote to have another Bucket brigade next year!

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Silverado middle school's Ace

Last year at Silverado middle school they created a Ace program.Many kids have already sign up and are ready for the Ace program! They put this program together so when kids parents are still at work or they cant pick up their child at the end of school they can tell their child to go to Ace till 3pm-6pm.And remember its only for silverado middle school!

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Mexico's disaster

In Mexico there was a terrible disaster. There was a hurricane manual and many people have gone missing after the mudslide. Many homes were covered by this mudslide. Also at least 80 people died from the hurricane manual. People were hurt and some were fine. A red car lays on it's side after a part of a hill collapsed, and that hill was a piece of the road and now it's all crumbled up into pieces. There were many people stranded in a Coffie - growing village and were struggling to find a way out. And that's what the hurricane manual did to Mexico.

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In Napa valley a water line break shot water in the air about 100ft saterday afternoon may have left passing motorists thinking the situation was worse than it actually was. The water line was installed in 1979, and the break was caused by rusting in the soil and that's why the water line had to expand and burst out all the water. About 50,000 gallons of water spilled out of the broken water line.

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Napa's weather watch!

The Napa weather is (Monday 75*) (Tuseday 83*)(Wedsday 77*)(Thursday 82*)(Friday 85*)(Saterday 80*)(Sunday 73*)

And that is the weather for next week!! GET READY FOR SOME NICE BREEZY WEATHER!!!!!!!

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My Opinion

I think school lunches should be more healthier. Mabey they can change the lunches at least, like instead of having pizza, chinken sandwhiches, and nachos, they can make fruit salad, pasta, and some orange juice. So yeah the school should have a meating and decied a way healthier lunch.

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